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Vol. 4 No. 2, Issue of August 15, 2001

Table 3. Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of wheat.





Woolston et al. 1988

C58naIR (pJIT31 and 1-4d old seedlings Seedlings direct injection Wooiston et al, 1988 pJIT33, cloned wheat dwarf virus (WDV) DNA)

1-4 d-old seedling

Direct injection of Agrobacterium inoculum to the basal portion of wheat seedlings. Successful infection of wheat seedlings.

Dale et al. 1989

C58 (pBin19 with a tandem dimer of WDF)

Embryos, 4-d-old in vitro grown seedlings

Use of different inoculation procedures, wounding, vacuum infiltration and direct injection. Agrobacterium was found to deliver wheat dwarf virus DNA to wheat.

Marks et al. 1989

A. tumefaciens and A. rhizogenes (15 strains) [pJIT33 (cloned WDV DNA]

4-d-old wheat seedlings

A. rhizogenes strains were found to give a higher proportion of agroinfected plants than A. tumefaciens strains. superiority of nopaline strains of A. tumefaciens over octopine strains.

Hess et al. 1990

C58C1pGV3850 ::1103neo

Wheat florets

Pipetting of Agrobacterium into the spikelet of wheat. Generation of fertile southern positive plants by the contact of bacteria and pollen

Mooney et al. 1991 Mooney and Goodwin, 1991

C58C pGV3850::103neo

Immatue embryos

Demonstrated the wound independent in vitro attachement of Agrobacterium to wheat embryos. Wounding caused by mechanical and enzymatic treatments promoted the adherence of the bacteria at the wound site.

Chen and Dale, 1992

A. tumefaciens disC58/pJIT33, disarmed C58, A. rhizogenes LBA9402(pJIT33)

Apical meristems of dry wheat seeds

Incubation of exposed apical meristems of dry wheat seeds with Agrobacterium. High frequency of infection.

Zaghmout and Trolinder, 1993

A281 (pKIWI105),
LBA4404 (pKIWI105)

Intact cells of slowly growing embryogenic callus

Reported the transient gus gene expression by electroporation

Mahalakshmi and Khurana, 1995

A348 (pMON20),
A281 (pBI121),
GV2260 (p35SGUSINT)

Leaf bases, callus, mature seeds, punctured seedling

Suitability of various explants and vir gene induction and the effect of mechanical wounding was assessed by abrasing seed explants with a sand paper.

Cheng et al. 1997

C58 (pMON18365)

Immature embryos, Embryogenic calli

Agrobacterium mediated stable transformation, with Mendelian inheritance of the transgene to the T1 generation.

McCormac et al. 1998

LBA4404, pBECKS.red, pBECKS.GUSintron, pBECKS.sgfp-S65T, pBECKS400.Zsk

Immature embryos and immature embryo derived calli

Use of cell-autonomous reporter genes (anthocyanin biosynthesis regulatory genes, gus b -glucuronidase), synthetic grren fluorescent protein (gfp) for studying the localization of transformation events.

Guang-Min and Zhong-Yi, 1999


Immature embryos and immature embryo derived calli

Stable transformation of wheat.

Mi et al. 2000


Precultured immature embryos

Introduction of rice thaumatin like protein (TLP) gene

Amoah et al. 2001

AGL1 (pAL156)

Immature inflorescence

Study of various factors influencing transient expression of gus gene

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