Electronic Journal of Biotechnology ISSN: 0717-3458
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Vol. 10 No. 3, Issue of August 15, 2007

Figure 1. Location of general and specific primers on phaC genes.

(a) General primers on R. eutrophapha C gene. The numbers indicate the positions of the primers on the R. eutrophapha C gene (GenBank Accession No. J05003) (3'-5'). Dotted lines indicate expected fragment size in colony PCR (G-D and G-1R primers) and semi-nested PCR (G-D and G-2R primers).

(b) Specific primers on P. aeruginosa Class II PHA synthase byosinthesis genes. 3'-5': ORF, unnamed protein; phaC1 encoding PHA synthase 1; phaC2 encoding PHA synthase 2; phaZ, encoding PHA depolymerase; phaD encoding PhaD (protein having a function in mcl-PHA biosynthesis). The numbers indicate the positions of the primers in the P. aeruginosa clase II synthase PHA operon sequence (GenBank Accession No. AE004919). Dotted lines indicate the expected fragment size for each pair of primers.

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